Polls strong half of mankind as a blueprint, give chozhie results, saying that primarily MEN PAY ATTENTION NOT TO BUST , legs or buttocks ladies, and her beautiful eyes and face. But we have every reason to doubt the integrity of the male, is not it? Beautiful breasts has always been and remains the most seductive “weapon” woman. It is not surprising our desire to have an attractive shape.

We believe that sex can be not only magnificent, but a small bust. Confirmation of this – the status icons of beauty which boast not only Eva Mendes, SALMA HAYEK or Vera Brezhnev, but Keira Knightley and Milla Jovovich with their elegant little cleavage. If your breasts seem nonideal can defy nature without resorting to drastic measures – plastic. Do not bet on the natural size of the data, and well-groomed!

Breast Care

In the female pride many “enemies” – the age and hormonal changes, unfavorable environment, diet, lack of exercise and, conversely, excessive exercise, love to be washed in very hot water, the habit of sleeping on your stomach, improper underwear, frequent wearing synthetic clothes etc. and becomes a serious test during pregnancy and lactation.

One of the most simple and affordable secrets daily BREAST CARE – douche. Alternating hot and cold water strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue, improves circulation, and therefore, eating and breathing of the skin cells in the upper chest, back muscles tone. Also should get a useful habit to put on chest caregiver cosmetic procedures after each water to avoid drying thin and delicate skin. Of course, and means for bath and shower should be pH-neutral.

Cosmetics for breast care

Creams, gels, oils, serums, masks, scrubs, nutrikosmetika – range of beauty tools that promise alluring roundness diverse. However, in reality, of course, no one is able to increase the cream or chest tighten. Problem cosmetics – make the skin in the neck moisturized and supple, prevent age-related changes due to its content of antioxidants, perhaps to provide a lifting effect. Means need to be applied carefully, lightly: breast is very sensitive to touch rough, but for brief gentle massage with a nourishing cream or she “tells” you only thanks.

Weekly masks and scrubs neckline can cook at home, using cereals, grapes with seeds, curd, honey, avocado, apples, bananas and other fruits. But some manufacturers advertised means “to grow bust” with hormonal components better get round: do not put experiments on your health!

Chest and tan: carefully sun!

Not yet passed the holidays, and the velvet season ahead, which means many of us have time to enjoy the summer sun. What should I know tanning topless lover? According to the expert – says Sergey Susin, K. Mr.., Surgical oncologist network of medical clinics “Family”: “The absolute contraindication for topless sunbathing are various pigmentary spots, rashes, seals in the chest and, of course, breast disease (cysts , all sorts of education, etc.). But even perfectly healthy women should not be topless in an active sun, especially for a long time, it is best to sunbathe under the umbrella. We can not say that all lovers actively topless sunbathing necessarily will suffer from breast cancer, but they are at increased risk. UV radiation also contributes to the premature aging of the skin. “

Fitness for bust

Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen, whose figure, Vogue magazine called the reference in the modeling world, it is recognized that liposuction only the navel, and other forms of its luxurious body polishes it successfully using fitness and a balanced diet. Yoga, swimming, martial arts craze help Giselle have natural corset – strong muscles, but with a very feminine contours.

In a set of exercises for the chest model must include push-ups, dumbbell breeding and expanders, press your palms in front of him (can be compressed between the palms a little tight ball or effort to put pressure on the serried fingertips, lifting his hands in front of chest), and the cat pose of yoga and stretching exercises. Such a charge not only strengthens the muscles of the chest, arms, back, but also a beneficial effect on the spine.

Reshaping of breasts after childbirth

Women who are mothers know that it is often only creams and exercises for the return of the former beauty bust enough. In these cases come to the rescue capabilities of aesthetic medicine.

“There are two main ways to restore breast shape – a surgical ( MAMMOPLASTY ) and medicinal lifting, – says Sergey Susin. – With mammoplasty can reshape: tighten breasts eliminate the asymmetry – and resize. Herbal lifting is a series of injections (number assigned physician depending on the condition of the breast), which contribute to hydration and skin tightening. By any method breast reconstruction may be resorted to not earlier than six months or a year after the end of lactation, when it passed the process of self-healing and visible chest full picture. “

How to choose lingerie?

With our fashion workshops, following the advice of fashion-editor Irina WMJ.ru Shchapova, you can easilyCHOOSE LINGERIE that will be ideal for you to sit, do your breasts more attractive and COMBINED WITH THE CLOTHES . We recall only the basics: underwear you have to be in size and highly desirable to be made ​​of natural materials.

Sergei Susin: “Now almost all linen is absolutely safe. However, women should pay special attention to the quality and manufacturer of linen – it will help you avoid allergic reactions. Buying questionable manufacturing underwear, you may not know exactly what conditions it was made, what colors and materials used in it. For this reason it is necessary to choose products made of natural materials. It is also important to choose underwear size, it must be convenient if the underwear too slams into the skin, crushes, you can “pinch the” internal organs. Pregnant and lactating women need to wear special underwear, which provides support to the chest, and not recommended to wear bras with bones, as this may lead to stagnation of milk and, as a consequence, to mastitis. “

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