Ease of communication!

Style «preppy» still maintains its position fashionable! Select jumper with print gradient colors, mini skirt saturated shade of cornflower and suede black shoes on steady heel. Throw on top of a black jacket, black leather jackets and complement the image of the original accessories: bag over his shoulder pink and powdery shades and feminine small earrings.


Groups of interest!

Today we have prepared for you look with elements of style “vintage”. Mini dress with topical print “peas” supplement black suede jacket and stable heel brown. Add some bright accents with accessories: bags burgundy and small elegant earrings. Hours may be adjusted based on the colors used in the kit: we stayed on the metallized on a thin brown strap. Such a romantic image of a suitable easy laying waves and current direction.

sunny casual:

Sunny casual!

We start the week with a bright and sunny autfita! Choose a gray cardigan with a fun print, skinny jeans and yellow shades of mint sneakers. As outerwear windbreaker suit lemon colour. Such a naughty way to accessors tone: gray bag with contrasting trim and a clock in pastel colours.

Spring bouquet:

Spring bouquet!


Add to our everyday way of spring colours! Choose a dress with a floral print current, classic beige trench coat and bright turquoise shoes with high heels. Complete set of easy-envelope clutches coral shades and colourful earrings. Gentle make-up in pink and beige colours and styling curls will be very helpful!

Scarlet charm:

Scarlet charm!

Showy red dress is never superfluous. Especially holiday weekend in full swing! Today we want to offer you the actual lace shift dress, dark gray textured jacket and black pumps with high heels. Complete image of elegant black clutches and large red and black necklace. Do not forget the red lipstick and arrows, and you will be the most irresistible girl!

Freshness pastels:

Freshness pastels!

Fresh shades of lime, mint and cotton candy gum is still trending! Select jumper with inscriptions and effect «tye-dye», knitted mini skirt and sneakers mint shade of lemon-colored perforated leather.Complete image of sweet bracelet with pendants and watches in the tone set. Such autfitu well suited hairstyle “ponytail” and gentle make-up in pink and blue tones.

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