Drinks can be another source of calories to your diet and at the same time, can not miss because they provide daily essential for the body fluid. So, we help you choose correctly listing the drinks you should drink in moderation if you are looking to lose weight .

Do not forget the liquid calories

Upon start caring diet, always pay special attention to what we eat, often forgetting what we drink, however, if we think daily about two liters of liquid is needed, it is important to consider the available energy that can be the beverages .

That is, if as usual consumption drink a sugary soda and ingest about 2 liters every day, I will be adding about 800 Kcal only what I drink, therefore, properly care for and choose what we drink can be helpful when looking to lose weight.

Plus it can be a major source of calories, drinks do not fill as do solid foods as quickly pass through the digestive tract and to top it off, some can be a source of other substances that do not protect health but by Conversely, too much can be risky.

Therefore, liquid calories should not miss and is important to choose the drinks if you’re looking to lose weight.

Drinks that you should consume in moderation

So you can choose what to drink properly if you’re looking to lose weight or take care of the balance of your diet, then we show you the drinks you should consume in moderation :

    • Soft drinks sweetened or unsweetened , because the former offer about 40 Kcal per 100 ml, but the seconds are no calories additives and chemicals that do not favor the care of your body and your health. Ie soft drinks are also a source of calories, sodium, caffeine and phosphates that can affect the health of bones, teeth and circulatory system.
    • Fruit juices , because although it is a natural product that contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they have sugar and calories, so although you can drink juice daily, it is not advisable to choose it as a regular drink and drink more than 1 liter per day.
    • Isotonic drinks because it is drinks especially designed to replenish losses after a sporting activity and contain sodium, sugar and calories, which in large amounts can add considerable energy and sugar, which certainly does not help us lose weight and care line.
    • Energy drinks , as they are a source of nervous system stimulants that may affect our nighttime rest in excess key when looking to lose weight or get in shape, but also contribute calories and sugars that are an obstacle to the diet.
  • Alcoholic beverages , because as we always say a glass of red wine can be very healthy, but considerable amounts alcohol not only sets body fat but add calories and far from helping you lose weight, can harm our goal and affect our aesthetic, as we show above .
  • Milk , because although it is a food that provides calcium, protein and vitamins, and energy intake has not need more than two glasses daily fee to cover such nutrients as before. With this foundation itself must not choose those as usual drink made ​​from milk and fruit.

As we can see, there is a long list of drinks usual they should not be used as the basis of our diet if we want to lose weight, because beyond the benefits that few can offer, most offer calories and / or substances in excess harm health and our aesthetic.

So, the best drink is water , still or sparkling, when looking to lose weight, and in moderation can include fruit juices, milk, or sports drinks if we do exercise, not to neglect the diet or impede thinning

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