The miracle diets , do not exist, are unbalanced and can damage our health, because they handle information about what a healthy diet , to the point that remove essential nutrients.

Good eating habits make a diet accomplish its mission, but like everything in life requires some effort on our part.Lose weight fast

Worse than eating a lot or have some extra kilos are miracle diets . We can not lose in a few days what we have accumulated in a while, it’s not normal and goes against nature.

The nutritional imbalance can cause nutritional deficiencies and whether following these diets is extended in time, problems may occur such as dizziness, lack of concentration, apathy or degenerate into more serious health problems such as liver, kidney or endocrine.

In principle, a balanced diet control based on reducing the amount of food we eat every day, accompanied by an increase in physical exercise poses no health hazard.

Changing eating habits is more useful than a diet , because a diet is strict and if it is not easy, it is something we just tired and leave.

The food influences our activity and energy, the ability of memory and concentration, also in the states of depression , anxiety and aggression .

A diet should teach us to eat and understand food and how to take care of our body and provide the necessary nutrients for it. Knowing what foods are suitable, what times, what combinations make the best assimilate and debug our body for proper nutrient management is something we have to learn.

You know what foods we choose, knowing your strengths and limit we should take, how to cook them also to take advantage of all its benefits.

It is important that whoever makes a diet, you should also increase your nutrition education, making a change of habits, aimed at the goal of the diet is met.

The Benefits of a Healthy Food

Healthy eating:

  • Improves absorption of nutrients because our digestive system is kept clean.
  • Improving our immune system.
  • Improves skin and hair .
  • Improves sleep and thus our rest.
  • Naturally regulates appetite.
  • Naturally regulates our weight progressively.
  • Eliminate bad breath and body odor.
  • Facilitates the welfare state and energizes us.
  • Keep a clear mind and facilitates concentration.
  • Improving the relationship with our environment.

A poor digestion and poor evacuation , make our body reabsorbs toxins and fecal produce more fat stored.

Knowing how to combine foods properly makes a perfect weight and maintain a good intestinal condition, and works to good digestion , good and proper utilization thereof subsequent deposition.

The best diet is the one that fits the needs of each person, is not the same 55 year old woman who is in menopause and have a sedentary life, a 25 year old doing sport and physical complexity is athletic.

Our best ally is the NATURE , so every day we need to eat raw, natural, fresh, seasonal food.Vegetables, fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, sprouts, seeds , etc., help us keep our HEALTH .

We must not make mistakes:

Skip breakfast , because this gives us energy to get through the day.

Eating plenty and rarely , are recommended, five meals a day, spread over three main meals and two snacks mid-morning and afternoon. No need to get too hungry meals and eat without chewing.

Salt is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. But in moderation, because it retains fluid and increases the blood pressure.

Water hydrates our body. We need to drink at least two liters of water a day. If we make a physical activity that causes fluid loss, we must drink more to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables , we have to eat three to four servings of fruit a day and two servings of vegetables or vegetables daily. Because they provide vitamins and minerals, plus fiber to combat constipation need.

The monodietas are not advisable, our diet should be varied and rich nutrients and must-haves because they are necessary to maintain our health, proteins, fats, sugars, minerals, water, carbohydrates, each has its role in the body.

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