To make a facial massage at home, you need to follow a few simple but important rules to know how to make yourself a facial massage.

1. Half an hour before the massage make a hot compress herbal facial muscles to thoroughly warmed up and were more likely to massage action.
2. Keep your hair under the fingers – remove them under a hat or scarf.
3. Hands must be washed carefully, to clean all the dirt under the nails, but otherwise you can easily carry infection.
4. Immediately before the actual massage on the face must be applied with a special cream or butter. It should be remembered that the skin on the face – gentle and delicate, so it can respond to massage ingredients means allergic reactions. So do not be amiss to test it on your wrist.
5. Need to learn massage line, which held all the movements, as it moves to the lymph.If massage randomly and chaotically, it can lead to the opposite effect: the skin stretched, sagging, there will be new wrinkles.

Massage lines are:

  • from the center of the chin to the earlobes;
  • from a central point under the lower lip to the earlobes;
  • from a central point on the upper lip to the centers of the temples;
  • from the corners of the lips to the middle ear;
  • from the center of the forehead over the bridge to the centers of the temples (the eyebrows);
  • from the outer corners of the eye to the inner (lower eyelid);
  • from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside (upper eyelid).

6. Going from massage one section to another, we must be able to do this the right one: fingertips push the temporal region, which is the center of all metabolic processes in skin cells of the face.
7. Massage movements should be tender and flavorful, especially the area around the eyes. To achieve tangible results, which will be visible to the naked eye, a home facial massage should be done regularly. For example, 10 consecutive days, each day for 10-20 minutes, then resume the course of a week.

Homemade facial wrinkle

Nude lips – Bodywork lipstick

Many stylists at the shows Spring 2014 – used this kind of makeup – perfectly smooth and smooth skin, with even color and nude lips. Others on the contrary – did focus on the eyes and allowed to say so bare lips.

In fashion bright, attention-grabbing lips. Shades of ripe berries: cherries, raspberries, strawberries and orange and purple colors will look fresh and effectively. You can choose matte lipstick or gloss.

In the coming season eyeshadow will mostly all shades of blue, from pale blue to deep blue. But will be relevant and gold shade. For evening wear make better choose the shade with sparkles.

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