We loved us girls, a situation of “nothing to wear” there are at least four seasons justification. Designers update fashion trends every autumn, winter, spring and summer, and even those who are not strictly follows the whims and caprices of the podium, trying to correlate certain accents with them your wardrobe and image as a whole.

Spring has come into its own, and it’s time to arm the latest fashion trends and transformed-prettier with her. This theme – the heyday of femininity and elegance attractive – became central to the brand new collection L’AttricE.Brand designers offer their vision of trends for Spring-Summer 2014, which is reflected in the philosophy of L’AttricE: beautiful woman in each of his roles – a successful business woman, mother, wife and friend.

Pure color!

Clean, bright, life-affirming, it reigns the ensuing spring. Color – your weapon! Be the center of attention at a reception or a friendly party – this will help you dresses, skirts, evening and casual dresses from the collection of the brand, made in a variety of shades of the rainbow. With such a variety of stylish, fashionable easy to create the perfect look for any occasion.

Color block, bold and elegant …

Actual image of spring 2014 plays with a combination of contrasting color blocks. How do you like these terms: red pants + white blouse, red shirt + green skirt? Combine as you like, most importantly fashionable condition – bright, open color. The image is perfect for a business woman and is sure to provide its owner compliments and admiring glances.

Imprinted Beauty: fashion prints

Ethnics, animals, floral romance … What do you prefer? Choose the mood and emphasize your individuality. Who are you today – a fatal seductress or romantic lover? Prints help beat mood and outfits collection pleasant surprise variety – from bold and at the same time elegant dresses with animalic pattern to light, elegant colors on the skirts of different colors.

Combine the outfit! Jumpsuits Spring 2014

They ceased to be only working clothes and went into the female wardrobe, becoming very stylish and attractive his part. It is very convenient and incredibly attractive! Overalls presented in the brand’s spring collection differ deep, noble shades, perfect landing on the figure and interesting details. The present method of expression for true lady!

Stylish spring from designers we examined the brand – a good combination of fashion trends with the traditions of Italian quality: perfect cut and quality materials. His collections meet the highest requirements of modern successful women who are accustomed to create your image, depending on the situation. Today is your style – elegant classic tomorrow – or feminine romanticism sensual, alluring, seductive glamor. You are irresistible in any role – let your spring will be fashionable, bright and stylish!


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