Summer – the sultry pore, and therefore the perfect time to experiment and to change the safe colours like black and gray with bright colours and crazy prints. This summer at all possible elements of your wardrobe bloom evergreens and exotic flowers. Resist this riot is useless – it’s time to learn how to properly wear and match wild tropics. Stella McCartney has become one of the Promethean tropical trend, singing the lush flora of the Hawaiian Islands in its cruise collection. Raincoats, skirts, tops and trousers with a heavenly pattern relished trendsetter global trends and made other designers pay attention to the island theme.



Supported the designer Joseph Altuzarra Englishwoman, which we observe is not serene Hawaii, but chaotic and hot jungles of South America. Absolute hit of the collection were boats on the elastic band.

In general, to carry things with such a print is not difficult: you either combine printing cloths one thing with a monochromatic palette, or be bold and makes total tropical look. Rather, I for the first option, but if you have a flair and experience combined bright prints – go ahead.

The main thing – to be confident in its irresistible, otherwise there is a risk, try on thing with tropical motifs, fashions feel not an innovator, and pot-bellied uncle in a Hawaiian shirt from 1990.

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