The clay has many known healing properties and used, they are almost always known to cure all kinds of diseases. Men certainly imitated the animals that live when released, automatically rub their wounds in the mud.Treatment with Green Clay

Despite centuries of use and study still do not know well the clay acts as living beings.According to the knowledge, its chemical composition is not sufficient to explain their therapeutic results, although it is believed that its cooling powers help you.

Yet it is difficult to explain how acts clay, no doubt of its many properties, you know anti-inflammatory, healing, purifying, soothing and antibacterial effects, it is also the disinfectant most significant of nature, works by eliminating the advance of germs and helping cell replacement.

Clay is a versatile remedy. But to act successfully, must be accompanied by other natural treatments like exercise, sun baths, hydrotherapy, healthy and balanced diet , among others.

If we consider that one of the main causes of disease is power “unnatural” punishing our bodies and produces toxins, we clean them naturally as clay, natural spring baths, healing fruits, exercise, massage, herbs , etc.

The clays are composed primarily of aluminium silicates mixed with iron oxide, calcium carbonate and magnesium. The aluminium silicate, the proportion is always the highest, facilitates tissue regeneration, promoting healing.

Being very porous, has a high absorption capacity and this allows you to collect large amount of heat and attract accumulated under the skin to expel toxins. This makes not only a great tonic for the skin, but also very useful for expulsion through the skin of accumulated uric acid in the body. It also has a great power to absorb gases, bacteria and toxins from the digestive tract when ingested, so it is able to cure infectious diarrhoea and other digestive diseases. Take one teaspoon every hour diluted clay can save the life of a person with a serious infectious diarrhoea It is also very useful inshock, wounds, insect bites, burns , and acts on the internal organs vilified when applied as a hot poultice.

The clay is composed of silica, calcium and magnesium .

Silica plays an important role in the skeletal, nervous, respiratory and vascular systems . It is remineralizing, detoxifying.

Calcium helps against anemia and the formation of bones and teeth, tendons and cell nuclei .

Magnesium is a general tonic a cellular regenerator, an antiseptic and a liver cleanser . Also combat thrombosis and arteriosclerosis. clay also has other components such as iron, aluminium and potassium.

Its quality is determined by its absorption capacity, and its recent removal has been dried in the sun, in an oven because high temperatures make it lose its healing qualities.

How can we take the clay,

  • On the domestic route , use clay powder diluted in water. This powder can be found in health food stores or herbal. The preparation will take it on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating. We should not take it during digestion. If you suffer from  constipation it is best taken at night.
  • For external use , it is applied to the skin, poultices. We shape clay into a vessel of clay better, add water to cover it completely, without mixing, or touch. Let stand a few hours to get a consistent mix.

The clay is very absorbent and is made fragile by the disintegration of rocks, erosion by wind and water. It contains many minerals and trace elements and can have different colors, the most used are white and green.

Types of Clay:

Green clay , is the most active, containing silicon, potassium, soda, lime, phosphates, iron oxides, aluminum, manganese, magnesium and titanium. It is very absorbent and pure, detoxify, remineralize and very absorbent.

White Clay , its structure is similar to the green clay, but contains more aluminum and less trace elements, phosphorus-chlorine or zinc. It is washed by rainwater and drag, hence its color. It is less absorbent than green clay, because it contains less ions. Has an acidic pH of 5 instead of 7 green clay. Aluminum properties gives healing, is exfoliating, nourishing and relaxing .

Red clay , its composition is similar to the green clay, coloring is its low content in iron oxides . It’s more fat and less absorbent.

Are tablets or clay pellets sold as prepared for consumption, which are taken letting it dissolve in the mouth. They are appropriate if the other preparations we find unpleasant. They provide our bodies the same minerals, resulting favorable alike.

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