All the girls without exception pay a lot of time of their appearance, trying at all times to have a gorgeous blooming. One of the most important aspects of female beauty – well-groomed and healthy nails. Few can boast perfect nails. Most often spotless handles – is the result of cosmetic procedures that eliminate all the shortcomings of the nail plate, reinforcing and preventing fragility. These qualities have firming and nail polish. This tool is one of the most effective anti-settling and softness marigolds. Therapy should be nail beautician every girl who is used to always have a perfect manicure.


Condition marigold depends on many factors. It may be internal health problems, poor diet, lack of vitamins in the body, the negative impact of the external environment, the high content of chemicals in detergents, as well as stress and fatigue. therefore healthy nail plate should be comprehensive so that the result was not long in wait . In addition to the use of cosmetic products must follow the general state of your health.

Tonics contain active ingredients that promote deep nourishment of the nail plate, protecting it from the effects of decorative coating and external factors. The presence of fruit acids and vitamins A, B, C, E as part of such facilities facilitates rapid recovery weakened nails. A useful components such as iron, calcium, keratin proteins and silk thread strengthen the structure of the nail, preventing its fragility.


Choosing varnish for thin and weak nails, give preference to products known manufacturer. Only a qualitative tool to help combat exfoliating tips. Well-known companies manufacturing varnishes with a reducing effect are, for example, Sally Hansen, Trind and Orly. Also popular means of strengthening the power of the nail plate and “Clever enamel” from Frenchi. Let us consider cosmetic products these famous brands.


Professional Series medicinal nail polish Frenchi consists of several products that complement each other.Products of this brand includes means for gentle care for your nails. Like many drugs, firming complex marigold “Clever enamel” has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Effectiveness of the application. Most girls prefer varnish “Clever enamel”, because they believe it is quite effective in promoting rehabilitation and reconstruction of the nail plate. In 2 weeks “Clever enamel” will give your nails elasticity and flexibility, while making them stronger. Increase significantly and the growth of the nail plate.
  • Availability. Nail hardener brand “Clever enamel” can be bought at any pharmacy. Depending on your region, the price of the products of this series varies within 7-10 euro.


  • “Clever enamel” fairly quickly thickens.
  • Nail unstable and requires frequent updates, especially if used as a standalone cover.


nail polish to strengthen nails Sally Hansen
All cosmetic products Sally Hansen really takes care of nails, restoring their structure. It should be noted that this brand is highly regarded in the professional environment of the nail industry.


  • Firming lacquer series of Sally Hansen is quite effective, but we need long-term use (more than 2 months).
  • The average cost of medical cosmetics this company from 10 to 15 rubles, which is a very acceptable price range.
    • Floor quickly loses its luster and appeal to marigolds appear chipped and cracked.
    • There are certain difficulties in application.


    medical nail Trind
    Brand Trind also offers a series of products against brittle nails. For best results, purchase a kit containing nail-strengthener, cuticle cream and balm for the nail plate. Consider the pros and cons of this product.


    • A very effective tool to have medicinal properties and beneficial effects on the surface of your nails, making them stronger and more elastic. Firming varnish from Trind completely restores weakened nail plate after extension and prevents delamination.
    • The company produces a series of medical Trind varnishes from transparent to deep beige or pale pink shade that can be used as a decorative coating.


    • Revitalizing Trind Nail contains in its structure a harmful substance – formaldehyde. However, this is the manufacturer’s technology component provokes improving immunity, causing the nail plate to become thicker.
    • Unlike drugs series “Clever enamel”, product of the company is difficult to find Trind at the pharmacy or grocery store. Necessary to resort to the services of online stores.
    • Price on means to strengthen nails from Trind quite high – from 10 euro.


    Well strengthens nail polish from Orly
    Orly company has established itself as a producer of quality products. In addition to a wide palette of decorative paints this brand produces more and cosmetic nail care.

    The advantages of Orly strengthener include the following points:

    • Company produces good varnishes with a therapeutic effect that is easy to apply and look great on the surface of the nails, giving them extra shine.
    • Many women notice that after applying restorative Orly nail varnish really get a healthy look.
    • Unlike brands Sally Hansen and “Clever enamel” restoring from Orly lacquer is resistant coating.

    This means there are a few minor drawbacks:

    • After using tonics nails may seem dry.
    • Some people may not like this pearlescent varnish.

    Acquainted with several hardeners from different manufacturers, you can make certain conclusions. Now choosing nail polish to strengthen nails, you know all the advantages and disadvantages of various means and have the opportunity to buy the most appropriate medication for you.

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