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10 Steps to a Happy Relationship

To have a relationship happy just need an exchange of opinions between you and improve the habits that are poorly tolerated by others. Therefo...


4 Attitudes to Solidify Your Relationship

Psychology can help you decipher some attitudes and habits to better understand your partner and improve your relationship. We know that the per...


7 Factors that “Influence” Your choice of Partner

What do you see? It's a common question, not only carried out by friends or family, but for yourself. However, beyond love or chemistry, What f...


How to deal with intense ex girlfriend?

We all have some ex pixilated, that character that was hanging from our bones and could not overcome the we are no longer together. But there ...


I broke up. Now What do I do?

Being single is one of the main benefits for you to have as a woman in your  life. Do not worry, though most believe having lost everything, t...