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Fashion of people: mottled pattern

Everyday we see fashion on colorful pages of glossy magazines and online publications, see it on TV and on the laptop screen. But in fact, fashi...


The leading fashion summer 2014

Approaching the traditional time of summer vacations, and the question "What to bring?" Worth more than ever urgent. Each of us wants to look ir...


Fashion Battle: Kylie Jenner vs. Vanessa Hudgens

In the last weekend in California launched a grand music festival Coachella, which is traditionally visited by almost all the Hollywood celebriti...


Fashion coats!

Fashion coat autumn-winter 2014-2015, so diverse that each of us look firstly at the sight of the following, the proposed designers wealth. In ...


12 Ways To Have Beautiful Hands

Recommendations master of nail care and skin of the hands 1.  To the nails did not break, you must buy at the vitamin E and vitamin A capsules....