Why buckwheat?

Most likely, many ask questions like: why, among all the existing diversity of buckwheat groats is devoted to such an important place? It should be noted that this choice is not the case, and certainly not due palatable said cereals.

Buckwheat – this is an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals, which are incredibly useful to any body. Eating buckwheat porridge, and as evident from the name of diet – should only eat it – helps the human body to cope with many problems and has the following effects:

- Strengthens capillaries: through forming part of the trace elements, the walls of the blood vessels stronger and more elastic, which has a positive impact on the work of the whole organism.

- Lowers bad cholesterol, unfortunately, the power of modern man is very far from ideal, but because over time in the body accumulates many substances that affect its performance is far from positive. Excessive amounts of cholesterol – is one of the factors causing various diseases, so it is less than, the better.

- Output from the body toxins: the years of life a person accumulates many substances not only necessary for the body, but also harmful. Therefore, the use of buckwheat to lose weight has a tremendous effect, because all accumulated harmful substances out of the body.

These facts sufficient to when choosing a weight loss method to stop on buckwheat. But not so easy, because many factors are important, including the method of preparation of most cereals.

Buckwheat lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

Buckwheat lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

How to prepare for the buckwheat diet?

All we have learned from childhood one simple truth: all raw boiled much more useful, but even more so – fried.However, one thing when it comes to vegetables and fruits, and quite another – croup. Clearly, in her high content of different nutrients, but it does not mean that you have to chew raw buckwheat.

However, make sure that the heat treatment was minimal, you still have. There are two main ways of proper cooking buckwheat that it was not just the food and dietary meals.

1. Pour cereal cold water over very low heat bring to a boil, then turn off the gas, cover the pan with a lid and leave for two hours.

2. Pour grits boiling water, leave for two hours.

Many advise to cook porridge for buckwheat diet in a thermos, but this method is not well suited, as it is believed that in the sealed container is killed every living thing and useful contained in buckwheat. That is why, going to start the process of getting rid of those extra pounds using buckwheat, choose for themselves one of the two above methods. The best option – to cook grits at night to morning porridge was already finished.

Features buckwheat diet

If you study the information regarding slimming buckwheat, you probably will not be for you the news that there are several options that can be used as and for the seven days. However, there are certain aspects, compliance with which is key because if you ignore them, then simply the expected effect is unlikely to achieve. These factors include:

– Number of cereals consumed: no matter which way you decide to cook porridge for their diet, the proportions should be observed strictly: one cup of cereal two glasses of water – this will be a daily rate of porridge on each of the seven days.

– Lack of salt and spices. This is probably one of the main factors that many people simply do not stand up and throw seven days diet much earlier. Taste buds of the average person, accustomed to salty and flavored food simply refuse to accept without buckwheat butter and salt as an edible product. In fact, it’s more of a psychological barrier, as ordinary table salt – it is something without which we are fully capable to do. However, those who are just too unbearable, it may be advisable to use soy sauce, which in some cuisines of the world replaces the usual for us salt.

– Mealtime. Regardless of whether you have received from you during the day to eat all cooked porridge, you should not eat if left to sleep more than two hours. This rule always works, regardless of whether you eat regular food or diet.

– Buckwheat diet – and because buckwheat, which implies a waiver of any other products. Some sources recommend when a strong sense of head to use yogurt, but it should be understood that it should be no more than 1% fat. In general, the seven-day buckwheat diet does not involve painful feeling of hunger.

To successfully lose weight you have to give up many of the products

To successfully lose weight you have to give up many of the products

– Use of liquid. Everyone knows that a person should drink at least two liters of water a day. However diet – a period when the use of water, it is desirable to substantially increase, and this should be just water, not juice or compote.Allowed (and even encouraged) the use of natural green tea without sugar and additives.

At first glance, many limitations really is easy to implement and does not require any special effort. Nevertheless, it helps to consult a doctor, explaining to him all the features of buckwheat seven-day diet and gain his consent.

Contraindications to the use of buckwheat diet

At first glance – just one use: Clean and body, and the vessels will be strengthened, and the weight will drop more … About these thoughts overwhelm all those who for the first time in my life is going to use buckwheat diet for seven days. However, as in any other way to get rid of extra pounds, it also has a number of contraindications, so once again note that willfully begin its observance still not worth it. Particularly dangerous to think about buckwheat diet for people with the following diagnoses and conditions:

– Breastfeeding. Mother’s milk – the only source of power newborn, so it should provide it with all necessary vitamins and trace elements. Of course, this mother should eat diverse and not experimenting with diets.

– Hypertension. Since diet means complete renunciation of sugar is not excluded strong pressure fluctuations that can cause irreparable damage to the body (including death).

– Work related to increased attention: the lack of sugar can reduce the attention and care, as well as significantly slow down the speed of the brain.

– Diabetes, ulcerative lesions of the stomach and intestines – absolute contraindications to comply with buckwheat diet.

In any case, it is desirable to be examined by a doctor or at least get his advice. Not less important than ensure no contraindications, carefully follow these guidelines, otherwise the effectiveness of the use of buckwheat reduced significantly.

Buckwheat diet has several limitations

Buckwheat diet has several limitations

Seven-day menu for buckwheat diet

As mentioned above, it is very important for all seven days to comply with dietary recommendations, which is why it is quite clear, you may need to change your habitual way of life. Thus, the daily rate of porridge should be consumed in equal installments over 5-6 meals, so if you – a working person, you should make it a rule to take buckwheat and work too. In this first use of cereals should be shortly after waking up, and the last – not later than 3 hours before bedtime.

According to numerous reviews, buckwheat diet can not be called starvation, but, nevertheless, many have a nagging feeling of hunger, which, however, is more psychological moment. If you are very hard to endure the time between meals, allowed the use of yogurt 1% fat, it can also have a drink and before bedtime.

The hardest part has to sweet tooth, because the use of sweets is strictly prohibited. Moreover, it is impossible to use, and most of the fruit, since they contain a sufficiently large amount of sugar. Recommended for those who absolutely unbearable, eat dried fruits – raisins, dried apricots, prunes. However, the number of the should not exceed a few stuff per day.

Those who find it difficult to eat porridge without any salad, it may be advisable to drink while eating unsweetened green tea. Note that this should be a regular green tea, without additives and flavorings. Since sugar is strictly prohibited, and its absence may affect on performance, and the general condition of the body, – nutritionists recommend once a day over a period of diet drink a glass of water with dissolved in it with a spoon of honey. In its pure form can eat honey with vertigo.

During buckwheat diet you will not starve

During buckwheat diet you will not starve

Life after diet

If you have decided that you can suffer seven days, and then return to the old way of life – and the weight will remain stable, we hasten to disappoint you: even the most effective diet would be helpless if immediately after its completion you will begin to consume pounds baking liters of sweet tea. In addition, those strict limitations that implies buckwheat seven-day diet, a certain effect on the subsequent diet after two weeks: it is necessary to leave them gradually.

Even if you do not plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and did not get upset when he saw in the balance after a month the same number as before the diet – in order to preserve health by following the recommendations still better listen.

First, be prepared in advance to ensure that to the normal diet and return if it is not earlier than two weeks. And this return should be very gradual, otherwise you are unlikely to avoid problems with the digestive system. So, breakfast eighth day shall consist of one cooked boiled eggs and a glass of tea, still unsweetened. By the way, seven days – quite a long time, and during this period many people realize that the taste of tea without sugar revealed a much fuller and more harmonious, and therefore never have to it will not be returned.

Not much easier it will be in the next few days. You will have to think carefully about their menu, learn about the composition of the products and pick them up so that increased caloric smoothly as possible, but it was a lot of protein. In the first week after the diet all the food should be cooked for a couple, at least – is cooked in the oven. No hot spices, pickles and marinades!

Returning to the normal diet should be gradual

Returning to the normal diet should be gradual

As for the salt, then it should also be introduced gradually by the end of the first week bringing the number to the former. Of sweets in this period assume exclusively black chocolate. You need carbohydrates, but it is better to get them from fruits and not of biscuits.

Need to limit the consumption of dairy products and, gradually increasing their fat content. Fat sour cream, as well as mayonnaise, if consumed, not earlier than two weeks after the diet. At the same time you can begin to eat meat and carbohydrates in the form of flour products. Alcohol should be eliminated or severely restrict any sauces and ketchups – delete all salads fill exclusively with vegetable oil.

How often can I use buckwheat diet?

Due to its efficiency, the seven-day buckwheat diet is gaining popularity. It draws primarily from the fact that psychologically easier to eat, even if unpalatable than completely starve. Furthermore, it does not cause the body to the harm that can cause starvation. And at the same time, many reviews suggest that for seven days many were able to lose up to ten pounds! True, it is tempting?

However, none of these facts should not be a reason to abuse buckwheat diet. Yes, if you do not change your lifestyle, then lost weight again soon enough to remind myself, but use buckwheat diet more often than once every three months – is not recommended.

Experts advise final after the first course (she diet seven days plus two weeks out of it) make it a rule to spend one or two days a week unloading, it was on buckwheat porridge. Limitations with this approach is virtually no efficiency is high enough, and psychologically endure one day easier than seven.

Despite the effectiveness of many existing diets, nutritionists do not get tired of repeating that the most important in the fight against obesity – is a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. It is not necessary to drain your body three or four times a year in order to overeat during the rest of the night and eat a healthy diet is not quite. Most importantly – it clearly understand its purpose and confidence to follow her – in this case, the funds will not seem too heavy.

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