Body relief

Everybody wants to bump the body, but not everyone has the opportunity to exercise regularly at the gym. I will tell you how having the presence of a horizontal bar, dumbbells, floor and a pair of chairs to make yourself slimmer, stronger, more beautiful and healthier by developing their muscles at home.

In modern society, each of us wants to have a slim and fit figure, strong muscles and good health. With all this wanting, not everyone is able to regularly go to the gym, buy high-quality nutritional supplements, consult with an experienced coach. But not necessarily be recognized as a bodybuilder to look good and have a harmonious development of the muscles.

Despite the opinion of many, I tell you that the house can be a good “pump up” muscles. Due to the presence of a pair of dumbbells, horizontal bar, floor, and a few chairs you can pick up quite a wide range of exercises. If while still doing the exercises correctly, not only technically but with a positive attitude, visualizing the result of muscle growth will not take long. You will be pleasantly surprised after a few home workouts.

First, select the type of muscle development. To ground or power. If the mass is in the exercises you need to pay more attention to the negative phase (eg lowering down after pushups) movement than the positive (eg, a push-up movement). That is, when push-ups go down two times slower than the rise. As with other exercises. If you want to develop explosive strength of muscles while longer make a positive phase of the movement. Still need to breathe correctly. Positive phase – exhale, negative – a breath.

Also plays a vital role food!

Fat and sweet on the day of exercise is better not to eat. Take food for two hours before a workout. After half an hour after your workout eat again. Restore lost energy.

Exercises to build the body of the relief

Now look at a few types of exercises:

1) This species is known to us from my school days. This pushups. Here are utilized mainly pectoral muscles and triceps. By varying the position of the hands is possible to focus either on the chest or triceps. Also, when push his head down (legs are put on a low bench) the emphasis is on the top of the pectoral muscles, push-ups with your head up (put your hands on the bench) – on down.Doing four sets 6-8 push ups. If it becomes difficult can try to do push-ups on your knees.

2) Every self-respecting boy living in a village is a horizontal bar. The children gather around and compete who is more tightened. Benefit now have the opportunity to establish the aforesaid in his apartment or house.
When pulling on the bar in the main work of the delta, biceps and chest. Pulling loads the reverse grip bicep and chest. Pulling “neck” are focused on the muscles of the back. Again 4 sets (approach), 6-8 pull-ups.


3) The bells are in any sporting goods store and are relatively inexpensive , and considering that it is an investment in their development they just need to buy. With dumbbells, you can do the exercises on the chest, biceps, triceps, delta “wings” plus use as weights when pulling, squatting. Four sets of 6-8 for each activity.


4) “Downloading” legs. Leg Presses squats. If this is too easy then squat on one leg (one by one). Later, it will be possible with a dumbbell squat on. Or stand at the door, put the foot is not a short, shop (or a very thick book), and climb up on the toes. Ten to fifteen repetitions and change legs. Four sets.


5) And finally, chairs. With their help Presses triceps.

We put two chairs in front of one another. Put the first leg and the second hand. Omit the body almost to the floor and get up immediately. If it is difficult and it is possible to make a chair. Four sets of 6-8 repetitions.
workout duration should be from about 30 minutes to an hour. No longer needed. It is desirable to 3 workouts per week. After the first two one day of rest, and after the third in two days.

Before you begin to exercise immediately determine what days you’ll be trained. For example: biceps and chest – Monday, back and triceps – Wednesday, legs, and delta “wings” – Friday.

Tomorrow you can start training.

 Good luck!

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