Firming facial masks are needed in many cases – our home made recipes help with age-related changes, sudden weight loss, pets, pull-up mask make skin more smooth and elastic. We picked up the 7 most effective pull-up face masks, which have the most positive feedback from readers of our magazine.

Pullup offer home facials

Firming facial mask – terms of use.

  • First, pull-home facial masks should be applied strictly to clean skin because of contamination delay of up to 80 percent of all nutrients. Clear skin is possible using the tonic, milk or scrub.
  • Second, to the pull facials have lifting effect, they should be applied as a person, and on the neck.But do not touch the area around the eyes, there is a very thin skin.
  • Third, after the application of mandatory home firming mask or nourishing anti-wrinkle cream to fix the result and give the right facial skin moisturising.
  • Fourth, firming face mask should be applied course. For the prevention of 1 time per week. To resolve problems – 2 times a week, alternating between different masks, the course of 1 month.

Recipes pullup face masks, effective at home.

On this page you are presented with the most simple recipes pullup face masks, which proved themselves at home. However, we advise you to pay attention to the fact that the tightening of facial skin – a process that requires constant attention, so we encourage anyone who wants to improve the condition of their skin at home, use a mask not only constantly, but also to change them for the impact of their versatile properties on the skin. So you decide what kind of element – gelatin, honey, clay, etc. – The most positive effect on your skin, and you can extend the range of useful masks.

Gelatin firming facial mask.

Reviews gelatin facial maskGelatin pullup facials received the overwhelmingly positive reviews, so we give them first. That’s because conventional gelatin contains collagen, the lack of which leads to the appearance of skin aging. Gelatin plus pull-mask on the face create microfilm, which tightens the facial contours, providing a rejuvenating effect. To prepare the gelatin firming facial masks should be diluted 2 tbsp. liter.edible gelatin 4 tbsp. liter. boiled water, wait until the gelatin swells, then put in a water bath with continuous stirring to achieve complete dissolution of the gelatin. Then apply the mask on your face and neck. If you have dry or sensitive skin, instead of water, you can take the same amount of milk. Please note gelatin firming mask should be body temperature to avoid burns. Keep the mask until it is completely necessary to dry, then soak with warm water to gelatin descended gently. In any case not a rip off gelatin, you can seriously damage your skin. Read more about how to work with gelatin, we are told in a special material – the announcement of his right under Article.

Firming mask with paraffin

Great homemade lifting maskIn pharmacies and cosmetics stores sell special paraffin wax that is we need to prepare the mask tightens and smoothed. Judging by our readers, tightening effect masks just fine, but there is a problem – someone has to help you apply this mask, so look for pair))). So, one tablespoon paraffin wax melted in a water bath, it added one teaspoon of honey. This is the first mask layer. For the second layer, melt another tablespoon of paraffin wax. Lubricates face nourishing cream, eye impose cotton pads. On the face evenly with melted paraffin inflict honey, this layer is covered with a gauze cloth onto which four layers of wax. As long as you keep the mask, which is 15-20 minutes, the wax hardens, talk at this time, or facial muscles work strictly prohibited. But the result will be stunning. Remove the gauze cloth and wax residues with honey, we wash with warm water and apply a layer of moisturiser.

Honey firming facial mask.

Honey mask with lifting effectHoney masks, judging by the reviews, also have a significant tightening effect. Moreover, honey masks further nourish the skin, giving it elasticity and smoothness, increasing its tone. To prepare the honey mask tightens, melt 1 tbsp. liter. honey in a water bath, and then apply the mask on your face and neck. For better results, you can get a massage light patting movements. Hold honey firming face mask need 30 minutes, rinse with warm water after. As always, in addition to all sorts of homemade honey masks you can read in our article, the announcement of which is directly below the article.

Firming facial mask out of egg.

Egg will help tighten loose skinFacial masks from eggs perfectly tighten and tone sagging and firmness, mature skin. Especially strong firming action has protein. Therefore, for the preparation of firming facial masks is that you first need to separate the white from the yolk, then beat with a fork or whisk protein to form a foam. Then just put on the face and neck (most conveniently applied mask special brush or brush ordinary business). When the mask dries, rinse it with warm water. Of course, this is the easiest lifting mask, so we recommend you to pay attention to other facial masks recipes with egg.

Clay firming facial mask.

Clay mask has a tightening effectClay – a great basic foundation for effective firming facial masks. fact that the clay contains a large amount of minerals that help the skin restore natural metabolic processes and, thus, remove wrinkles and tighten facial contours. For clay mask can use any clay (green or blue), 2 tbsp. liter. should be diluted with warm water to a thick cream, then apply to face and neck. When dry skin suggested instead of water to take heavy cream or milk. Hold the mask to dry completely, and then rinse with warm water.

Firming express facial mask

Quail eggs can help tighten the skinIf you have little time, we recommend using a recipe express mask that quickly will clean the skin of your face. It was built on the basis of quail eggs. So, you need three quail eggs, one teaspoon grated on a fine grater lemon peel, one teaspoon of lemon juice and the same finely ground almonds.All components must be very carefully mix and apply a thin layer on the face.After 10 minutes, wash off the mask with water at room temperature.

Oat pullup facials.

Oatmeal in lifting maskOat pullup mask complete our review of the most successful pull-up face masks. Cereal soften the skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness, which will get rid of wrinkles, slack and tighten the skin. Home oatmeal mask is elementary: 2 tbsp. liter. cereals pour half a glass of hot milk or water and let soften flakes. After that we put oat firming mask on the face and neck and wash off after 40 minutes with warm water.

Here’s what else read online people who are interested in the topic pull-up facials

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Pulling faces honeyHoney facial mask . We have already mentioned that there is such a product that could compete with honey on a huge range of positive effects on the skin. We collected the most interesting recipes of masks, including pull-up for the home environment.

Gelatin tighten facial skin mask recipeGelatin facial mask . Gelatin – a product which became a hit in recent years both for skin care and hair care, and all thanks to animal collagen. Firming facial masks of gelatin should be a mandatory part of your home decoration industry.

Firming mask eggFacial masks from eggs . Egg represents life, the starting point, therefore no coincidence that its beneficial properties so widely used in home cosmetology. Do not pass and you – see what components you want to add to the egg for your skin type and condition.

Pullup clay facial masksClay facial mask . Clay perfectly cleanses the pores and promoting a very active metabolism, skin rejuvenation. That is why the pull clay facials should be done at least once a week. But what to choose clay for your skin …

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