Beautiful body at home

Returning home after a trip to the pool or the beach, you realize that something you are missing. You go up to the mirror and see a dilapidated body and growing belly – the attractiveness of zero.

A schedule one: work – home, home – work. Time to visit the gym did not find any way, and the body is put in order oh how I want.

What to do?

Output is always there! Invite your attention the following exercises to practice at home.

1.Exercise for the development of the chest muscles and triceps


The best exercise is proven over the years to these muscle groups – is, of course, push-ups. Perform this exercise with different widths of the Hands not only helps to strengthen the triceps and chest, but secondarily involves the muscles of the back, legs and abdomen. Depending on the variation of exercises you can do the main emphasis on the elaboration of each of the above muscle groups.

The main disadvantage of push-ups is considered to be a personal failure of body weight, but it’s not a problem. To add your own weight, you can use different kinds of weights, which only fall under the arm, in addition, you can ask friend to participate in training that will help simplify the task. The experts of this kind of exercise can complicate the task and perform push-ups on one hand. This type of push-ups can increase the load in half.

In addition to push-ups, positive impact on the growth of the chest muscles and triceps dips influence. For this exercise, at home there is a great abundance of “Swedish walls.” If the house is not such, you can use a couple of chairs, placed at a comfortable distance, however, without the aid of a comrade, such an experiment can be quite dangerous.

2 Exercises for development of the biceps

The development of the biceps at home is almost impossible without at least some sports items. For a good study of the biceps is recommended to perform pull-ups on the bar reverse grip bodyweight or with weights. If the house has a kettlebell or dumbbell, the process of elaboration simplifies need to perform vertical lifting dumbbell biceps one or two hands.

Also, a good exercise is considered concentrated lifting dumbbells for biceps. This exercise involves lifting a dumbbell in the palm, which helps to limit the impact on the rise of other muscle groups. If you do not have any of the above, the straight path you in sporting goods store!

3 Exercises to work out the abdominal muscles

To study the press at home, there is a huge range of different training programs on the Internet. For the development of the press need only perform the most common exercises constantly and efficiently. It stability plays a major role in the development of the abdominal muscles. The most effective abdominal exercises at home are twisting.

The starting position for the exercise – lying on the surface, the legs are pulled up and bent at the knees. Twists run on the carpet, on the floor or even in beds. When the twists should adopt a gradual smooth twisting of the upper body to the knees. In addition to this exercise, it is very effective is also a lift of feet, hanging on the crossbar.The main focus of this exercise is to hold the legs straight when lifting and lowering smoothly to its original position.

4 Exercises to work out the leg muscles

Basic exercises for the leg muscles are the usual sit-ups. Squats are working on the thigh muscles and can be performed with both its own weight, and weight training. For the development of the calves is recommended lifting the toes or with its own weight, or weight training.

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