To properly make your life easier and stay healthy, you need to carefully select the daily diet. In your diet should be present protein products (sea fish, beans). In the summer season the body needs a lot of energy, so the cost of beneficial nutrients out in large numbers.

Moreover, such a hot and stifling weather is conducive to intensive work of sweat glands, so way , additional nutrients also highlighted, and they must be replaced. Pay attention to the cardiovascular activity in grueling weather. In the diet, you can add vegetables and fruits such as apricots and turnips, and wheat, melon, persimmon, beans, watermelon, etc. In the summer should fill all the lost reserves of salt, and then stands with her ​​excessive amount of body. Therefore, in its list ofproducts such append more: walnut, seaweed, beans, apples, soybeans, sunflower seeds and pomegranate pear. Level of heavy carbohydrates to maintain balanced. To achieve this, in your diet should also include strawberries, watermelon and pears, strawberries and celery, spinach conventional (garden), corn, green peas, pumpkin and so on. Body should be strengthened, no matter how healthy it is. During the summer, according to the oriental ancient belief breathing force of the earth begins to “bloom” and to maintain it in this condition for a long time, should eat foods with the “energy of the warm summer.” It may different from various cereal grains. Green tea (in the form of heat, although there is a perception that the body cool drinks cool, yes it is, but it was warm – calming) in hot weather – not only a great tool fast enough to fill the missing liquid in a weak body, but also a great help lowering the temperature in a hot body. Incidentally, tea without sugar will also help you lose those extra pounds and soothe constant thirst drinking. With the loss of fluid necessary for the body you have to fight! List your daily diet should always include fruits and vegetables such as squash, green onions, cucumbers, eggplant, watermelon and cantaloupe, asparagus, tomatoes, grapes and organic vegetables, fruit juices.However, remember that they do not replace the main daily meal .

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