Away from home: how to travel healthy

Away from home: how to travel healthy

Going on a long journey (be it a vacation or a fashion week in Paris, for example), be prepared for the gruelling test for your health. Be fully prepared away from home will help you a few simple tips

Take care of your luggage in advance. First of all to pack on the road must be the main stimulant of your health and mood – vitamins. If you agree with them or any additives in everyday life, it is not necessary to interrupt the course of the journey.Distribute vitamins for individual plastic containers so that each division you get a day dose of essential trace elements.

Thus, every morning you will be able to bring one small container that will not take up much space in your handbag. I always take a small sachets of fresh greenery to add it to a bottle of drinking water, as well as bags of organic herbal tea . So I avoid the need to drink coffee, for example.

Away from home: how to make your stay healthy (photo 1)

I also recommend that you customized packaging of fiber , because flights and change habitual modes can disrupt digestion . As for sleep – the most important element of any holiday – many people feel uncomfortable without a “home” pillows, so pack your advance and do not forget the earplugs and melatonin tablets (in case of noisy neighbors).

Away from home: how to make your stay healthy (photo 2)

Next – breakfast! When you are away from home, in a different time zone, especially important to start your day with a nutritious food. Most of the hotels have realized the need of their customers in a healthy diet, so you can always find something useful in their restaurants menu or politely ask to cook something special for you. The right choice for breakfast – scrambled egg whites with spinach and avocado, yogurt with granola and berries, porridge (ask to cook it on the water, rather than milk), and if they have a menu of avocado, ask to put a few slices on toast for you. Find out if the kitchen juicer (all self-respecting institutions have already got this technique), and ask to make some vegetable juice. At first glance it seems that to start your day in Paris is useful with a croissant with jam and butter. I have to disappoint you: it is not.

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