Arrivals this time many wonder … What to Wear? ‘s important to adapt to each situation by choosing appropriate clothing. We present a selection of day 3 looks, 3 and 3 night holiday for donostiarra Aste Nagusia inspired four bloggers of the moment: Julie Sarinana (‘Sincerely Jules), Aimee Song (‘ Song of style ‘), Sara Escudero (‘Vintage Collage’) and Alexandra Pereira (‘Lovely Pepa’). Take note:

3 looks of the day

The Great Week allows you to take advantage of the day to the fullest with endless activities that take place throughout the day. So while it is day, we must put aside our heels and opt for comfort above all.Just do not forget the style.

1 Youth

The boyish look of this outfit Sara Escudero it the perfect look to enjoy a day of activities. It shows us that we can make a combined with a blouse and skirt adding slippers become a sport look.

2 Simple

Discretion can sometimes be striking if we take it with style. The combination of basic jeans and white shirt is always a hit. Make like Alexandra Pereira and choose jeans boyfriend breaking the simplicity of the look.

3 Funny

Pineapples, oranges, watermelons … the fruit pattern is fashionable, especially in straight dresses. The colorful and fun style of this garment has become the choice of the season for the day. Follow the steps of the editor of the blog named ‘Song of Style’ and dress with your favorite fruits.

3 looks of the night

Dinner at our favorite restaurant surrounded by good company, enjoy an ice cream watching the magical fireworks La Concha, enjoy a beer while watching the lively atmosphere of the city … all these scenes can become idyllic prints if accompany the appropriate wardrobe.

1. Oversize

The style ‘oversize’ means not only ‘sport’. Now you can become a perfect look for evening occasions if we choose the right garment and give it a whirl with accessories. In this post, Alexandra Pereira choose some stilettos to break the informality of the outfit.

2. ‘Working girl’

For elegance, tube skirts are an excellent choice for evening looks. We can combine the way we like.Here, Julie Sarinana has opted for leaving the classic style and choose a ‘oversize’ jersey instead of a blouse or shirt.

3 Long

This dress Sara Escudero, editor of the blog ‘Vintage Collage’ is a great night for all plans of the Week Large choice. Throw in a leather jacket to give it an air at this seemingly rocker boho outfit.

3 Party looks

Bars in the Old Town, Gros concerts, clubs throughout the city … the fireworks are only the beginning of the night in San Sebastian Great Week. The liveliest endure all night and so, the best option is to find looks that allow us to endure all the sexy and comfortable at the same time tonight.

1 Bright

The monkey and flare are the perfect combination for the holidays in which we want to dance all night.Sara Escudero opt for one ‘nude’ with bright gold accents; a success.

2 Austere

The black is a symbol of elegance and fit a trend of the moment. Do as the editor of the blog Vintage Collage and choose if you prefer this look opt for discretion and sensuality for partying.

3 Classic fun

Who said ‘classic’ is synonymous with boring? Aimee Song look shows that with this combination of skirt and blouse can also be original and fun if we choose two special clothes and heels dare they get out of the monotony.

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