What do you see? It’s a common question, not only carried out by friends or family, but for yourself. However, beyond love or chemistry, What factors influence mate choice ?


The couple’s love, especially in the early stages of a relationship can be very severe and even life and revolutionize the way you feel for someone, “says Rodrigo Hagar, Psychologist Integrative Medical Center CasaFEN.

Whose choice is it?


In mate choice , many times, we believe it is someone else who chooses for us.However, there are external and internal factors that together make you choose.Here we tell you some information from a study by the Universidad del Valle de Mexico.

1. Equal object. Wanted in couples characteristics of someone important in our lives, especially those of the mother as the first object of love.

2. Affiliation. As social beings, humans have a great need for belonging and connection with others through lasting and close relationships, people can find a partner to avoid being alone, maintain the species or share your life.

3. Support . People need someone to move forward in life, feeling her security they need, someone who can understand, understand, help with things they can not control.

4. Courtesy You tend to find that which is considered ideal for people; in man, that is: polite, chivalrous, attentive, detail; and the woman, tender and loving, where both have a sense of humor and be romantic. Which means you are creative, inventive and funny.

5. Similarities are personal characteristics that people share, such as values, beliefs, skills, activities, tastes, personality.

6. Admiration. When we receive or give, we are greatly appreciated, loved and reinforced our love for the couple, confirming our view and strengthening our loving feelings .

7.  News. Sometimes strikes us people who are original, offbeat, who like risk, strong emotions, do not fall into a rut or are unpredictable.

Many factors influence the choice of partner , but only you can decide whether that person next to you is correct . Watch out!

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