The eyes are the most suggestive of a woman’s face feature . In just a few seconds can convey confidence, mystery, power, sweetness and closeness. they are our letter and we have to be able to give them the strength and appeal they deserve.

To extract its full potential is crucial to place ours among 5 types of eyes: hazel, bulging, sagging, separately or together.

1 Almond eyes

vanessa hudgens-almond eyes

Provided to all types of makeup and their symmetry are considered the exemplary eyes . They are ideal for enhancing the eyes look with eyeliner outlining one subtle line flush lash lengthening slightly and thus highlight the almond shape . This type of makeup suggests the depth of the slit eyes of Asian women and evoke the mystery with just a look like Vanessa Hudgens .

2 Googly Eye

anne hathaway googly-eyes

Bulging eyes have never posed any problem for the actress Anne Hathaway , on the contrary. Take advantage of its size to achieve a look of expressiveness . The most flattering option is to use diffused soft toned coffee and avoid overdoing mascara .

3 Eyes Fallen

katie holmes-eyes fallen

The mission for these eyes like Katie Holmes will “awake look” . Such eyes are those with the ends slightly downward or thick lids. In this case the important thing is always apply upward movements visually lift our eyes using dark shadows to define the crease.

4 Eyes together

keira knightley-set eyes

As for Keira Knightley , having set eyes need not be a disadvantage if we can extract the most out. The mission here is to try to separate them visually . To do the most important thing is to avoid the tear outline and focus to emphasize the outer corner of the eye with dark colors. Finally the best option would be to lengthen the eyelashes at the ends with the aid of a mascara.

5.-set eyes

kate moss-eyes separated

Unlike the eye together, in this case the entire seek otherwise visually closer . Many familiar faces such as Kate Moss manage to put a spin on his face convey an exotic look . The key here is to give depth without caution to the inside of the eye and use lighter shades as we near the end of the eyelid .

“The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart” – Audrey Hepburn . There is no more flattering than otherwise, it is important to remember that all eyes can always create perfect looks and when we know the most of them out and denote security.

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