Autumn weather seriously affects not only our mood, but also affects the body. Constant fatigue, WEAKENED IMMUNITY , headache and drowsiness – familiar companions offseason, is not it? To deal with them can and should be, and the first tool for this – A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE , implying including harmonious physical activity.

In the early twentieth century by Joseph Pilates came to believe that the main problems of modern man – in a passive lifestyle, sore spine and irregular breathing. German specialist has developed a system of exercises that aims to restore human consciousness that his soul and body are inseparable – so about a hundred years ago and originated PILATES . Joseph tested the first on the system itself, as a child does not have good health, and then to hospital patients – soldiers of the First World War with the damage of the musculoskeletal system. Pilates classes in technique gave excellent results, and the new sport began to gain popularity.

We can distinguish at least five reasons to engage in Pilates.

First. This unique combination of different types OF FITNESS  from gymnastics to martial arts, which not only develops all the muscles, but also develops the body from the inside, keeping the skeleton and internal organs.

Second. Such exercises contribute to the formation of a correct posture and flexibility of the body and, therefore, give us grace. Pilates is also a good effect on the respiratory system.

Third. Pilates – the perfect kind of fitness for women. When performing exercises focusing on problem areas (stomach, thighs and buttocks), and strengthening the pelvic muscles makes this kind of fitness is beneficial for pregnant women.

Fourth. Doing Pilates can be at any level of fitness – there are levels for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Fifth. Pursuing Pilates, you will become a member of a truly “star” of the company. Par with yoga pilates – the most popular fitness trend to maintain shape and a healthy lifestyle among Russian and foreign celebrities. Its beautiful figure owe JULIA ROBERTS , Uma Thurman, Gisele Bundchen and many other famous beauties.

Experts stress: pilates need a “smart” approach, clearly built and designed a system of exercises. They can do yourself, but if you want to achieve serious results – contact the professionals! For example, the network clubs  X-FIT provides various types of training according Pilates the physical form of the human. So, in Pilates Mat program is open to all comers, and the level of Pilates Advanced requires good preparation. There is also a special kind of training Body & Mind – is a set of exercises of Pilates, yoga and functional training for flexibility. The clubs have network equipment, which is necessary for classes – Pilates Reformer and Pilates chair. The essence of the design of these simulators in the unlocked position, the support that requires additional work muscles to maintain balance.

Have you tried to engage in Pilates?

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