We certainly do not claim the title of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, which can accurately decompose any flavor to the notes. But the pernicious tendencies and we have only increased craving for novelties perfume of spring. So we decided, yes, we have no talent in the wording of such famous perfumers like Francis Kurdjali, Olivier Cresp, Edmond Roudnitska or Ernest Beaux, but that is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of playing in the nose! So we stocked flavors this spring, led his hungry nose, and now ready to tell you what associations they evoke for us and what is actually smell.

Aroma Flowerhead from Byredo

Aroma Flowerhead from Byredo (7000 rubles).

Aroma Flowerhead from Byredo.

Our verdict: sniff this perfume – before your eyes and picture this: go quiet on the field with freshly cut grass, and go at sunset when all the flavors in nature amplify their sound.

Flowerhead really more suitable for spring than his colleagues on the brand BYREDO , because it is lighter and has fewer oriental notes. First breath the scent buttery, sweet, floral, but it seems to us, without notes of cinnamon, pepper, musk and amber is still not done.

Can wear everything from teenage girls to give “a bit behind.”

And what really?

Group scents : Floral

Top notes are angelica, Sicilian lemon and cranberries

Heart notes of jasmine sambac, green nuances, tuberose and rose

Sheet music loop: Leather and ambergris

Inspiration: Indian Jaipur with its symbolic and visual value of different colors.

That’s really smell! congratulate yourself for Guess ambergris note (although now it only where none is added!) and Dasha and Katya Volkova Haltsonen detected chord for jasmine!

Terracotta Le Parfum fragrance by Guerlain

Terracotta Le Parfum fragrance by Guerlain (2990 rubles).Terracotta Le Parfum fragrance by Guerlain. Natalia Vodianova in an advertising campaign Terracotta Le Parfum fragrance by GuerlainNatalia Vodianova in an advertising campaign Terracotta Le Parfum fragrance by Guerlain

Our verdict: oh, well, it maslitse for SPA-procedures and vanilla, fused in one! Very pleasant, slightly bitter. When he was sniffing, I want to smear bronzer and imagine that in fact here in this moment lying on Marrikii or the Seychelles, certainly in a posh Panama, with legs, which became the model suddenly length and inflated like a ball, a perfect booty. And yes, you’re certainly not a vamp, but very similar to ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY .

And yet it seems to us here or sound notes of lavender and cinnamon? Decided, we put a couple of drops – and truly believe that we have just come out of the SPA-salon – and the day will be perfect!


Lady with the Dog

Lady with the Dog

And what really?

Group scents : Floral

Top notes of bergamot, coconut and tiare flower

Heart notes of jasmine, orange blossom and ylang

Sheet music loop: musk and vanilla

Inspiration: Jubilee Line Terracotta, which this year celebrates 30 years; creators say about the flavor: “The charm of the sun in a bottle” …

That’s really smell! course, vanilla – and we knew! And, of course, our hero for the second time – Dasha Volkova that any of this fragrance is able to isolate a note of jasmine!

Aroma English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop

Aroma English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop (25 euros)Aroma English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop (25 euros) Aroma English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body ShopAroma English Dawn White Gardenia from The Body Shop

Our verdict: it is light and fresh. So smell good when you come out of the shower and if you are gentle and timid girl. This scent reminded us of childhood: it was so dear to many of us sets of toilet water and soap with the scent of white roses. As you may have guessed, we believe that in English Dawn White Gardenia from THE BODY SHOP over all prevails note rose, but for its fragrant bud felt light sour whether cassis, or black grapes.

Group scents : Floral

Top notes of bergamot

Heart notes of tuberose, gardenia

Sheet music loop: Sandalwood

Inspiration: Spring English garden

That’s really smell! Nothing, we do not smell - we all Losers! But do not punish severely, okay?

Born in Paradise fragrance by Escada

Born in Paradise fragrance from Escada (1855 rubles).Born in Paradise fragrance from Escada. Born in Paradise fragrance by EscadaBorn in Paradise fragrance by Escada

Our verdict: the smell of the breeze in the places where the sea touches the rainforests. Hear what notes? Fruit!Maybe green apple, pineapple, mango, vanilla, watermelon, kiwi and orange pop? And Physalis: he, too, sweetie, but with such an unusual astringent taste, though slightly numb tongue. No, Physalis, of course, do not have one – just association.

Nabryzgaeshsya this perfume from ESCADA  – and somehow just imagine yourself on the beach surrounded by brutal seniors in sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts and shales. This is Brazil, baby!

Group flavors : fruity floral

Top notes of green apple, watermelon

Heart notes of coconut milk, pineapple

Sheet music loop: musk, sandalwood, cedar

Inspiration: Cocktail Pina Colada

That’s really smell! Dance Jag – and go have a chocolate, as well as apply to the IFRA, as we guessed as much as three notes! Ready to “eat” them together with Dasha Volkova!

Aroma Moment de Bonheur L’Eau from Yves Rocher

Aroma Moment de Bonheur L'Eau from Yves Rocher (23 euros)

Aroma Moment de Bonheur L’Eau from Yves Rocher (23 euros)

Our verdict: clear, green apple! And good old “tarragon”. Very sweetie perfume – girls teenagers will definitely be happy about this. Sniff – and know exactly at that moment on the street the sun shines brightly!

Group fragrances : floral-fruity

Top notes of green apple, watermelon

Heart notes of rose

Sheet music loop: cedar from Virginia

Inspiration: flowers roses

That’s really smell! At this time crunching fun green apple with Dasha Abakumova, who also noted in the Moment de Bonheur L’Eau from Yves Rocher  fruity note.

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