Psychology can help you decipher some attitudes and habits to better understand your partner and improve your relationship.

We know that the period of infatuation we lose our objectivity in relationships, why you are 4 easy attitudes that may indicate how your partner.

Psychology tells …


1 Pamper your pet. According to psychologist Daniel Borrel , the Gomá Institute in Barcelona , taking over a dog shows evidence of commitment and willingness to serve the needs of others.

2 Make decisions based on the opinions of their parents and best friends . The psychologist also suggests that this attitude may indicate a lack of clarity to your ideas person, so hardly take risks, people who do not take risks generally dependent.

3 And your name? If not used to calling you by your name and prefer to do with nicknames like “cosi”, “sweetie”, “bear”, among others may indicate that sees his world in “pink”. This attitude may reflect immaturity and unrealistic character.

4. Intellectual? If your partner always refers to books, authors and tricky dating may indicate poor judgment. Borrel, states that these people use knowledge as a “shield”.

Are we a “healthy people”?

A study by the physician  Mark Goulston and published in Psichology Today shows that happy couples share some habits. In relationships, a habit refers to behavior that is repeated for a minimum period of 21 days.

The study also revealed that the main habits of happy couples are: going to bed at the same time, walk hand in hand, given the daily good morning good night, called once a day to see how it goes, a hug after working hours, daily say “I love you” and proud when they see them displayed together. Dare to know your partner better!

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