Ask any girl about what dress she wants, and she will answer you that the design of an elegant EVENING DRESS .Do not buy this outfit in a hurry: it first conceive in the head, and then carefully choose. But to choose well, you must be familiar with the history of the issue and understand what, how and why. So what were the evening dresses yesterday and as we see them today?

History evening dress

For centuries, evening dress was chic and respectable, and elegantly simple. In the 10 years of the twentieth century, during the Tsarist regime, were in fashion luxury dresses with corsets and lace neckline. This model emphasized the breasts, slender waist and circumscribe and intended for persons majestic – princesses and queens.

In the post-revolutionary period, in 20 years of the twentieth century, the change of power, and with it, and fashion – dresses became free and slightly form-fitting, the length was reduced to the knee.

30 years of the twentieth century marked the era of luxury, people want to dress up, and for this purpose useful evening dresses made of shiny satin with furs and diamonds. Outfits for the celebrations have become more short, tight and open. Many models of evening dresses from the 20s and 30s are still relevant and are used as examples in the production of modern dresses.

Actress Greta Garbo in the image of Mata Hari, 1931Actress Greta Garbo in the image of Mata Hari, 1931

In the 40 years in fashion began to reign in the military style casual clothes and evening gowns were a dress with long sleeves and a skirt average splendor, plain or fine pattern, but from inexpensive fabrics. By the end of the decade, when many countries to regain prosperity, evening dresses have become more pompous appearance. In vogue dress with a wide, expanding skirt, with a constricted waist, with a shallow neckline of satin, silk and velvet.Ladies wore dresses with long gloves and a small handbag as an envelope.

50 – years war was almost forgotten, women want a holiday again and beautiful outfits. And again came into vogue curvy dresses with lots of petticoats and a high collar. These dresses were feminine, elegant and yet chaste.

But by mid-decade, innovation has become a style evening dresses “trapeze” with a high waist, crowned festive attire was lush hair. Such dresses worn by Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1950Elizabeth Taylor, 1950

The main event in vogue in the 60 years of the twentieth century was the display of mini-skirts and mini-dresses Mary Quant in London in 1963. Since filing Quant mini mad world, and even evening dresses have become shorter.Mini invention marked a new era of emancipation of girls. In the same period there were dresses made of artificial leather, dresses with abstract colors and pantsuits instead of evening gowns.

In the 70s heyday of the economy and led to a rapid development of the fashion industry. Evening dresses 70s extravagant costumes for carnivals as: they were made of brand new fabrics, which allows you to create the textile industry.

Despite the popularity of informal movements of hippies and punks in women’s fashion back romance, success began to use flowered dress in a rustic style, as well as dresses with lush ruffles and frills.

In 80 any evening dress accompanied by spectacular JEWELRY : large plastic clips, necklaces made ​​of artificial stones and gold chains. Special chic steel shiny fabrics: of them evening dresses sewn metallic shades.

Fashion 80sFashion 80s Princess Diana, 1985Princess Diana, 1985

In the 90s fashion evening dresses, one after another began to return to the classics. Dresses in that period were certainly emphasize the female figure, as if praising its possessor. But not without modernistic details on evening dresses: large zippers, pins, leather inserts, ragged edges. There are very wide-parachutes evening dresses and dresses made of denim, though most of the girls still preferred feminine contoured to the shape.

Impossible to say that now dominates any one style evening dresses. This garment, like any other, reflects the individuality of its owner, it emphasizes the character and temperament. Much depends on the purpose of the dress, as follows: for any event it will serve. And fashion designers to create their collections and take this into account, using the rich variety of newly created material, trying to please everyone at once.

Fabrics and colors for evening dresses

For the manufacture of evening dresses used expensive and high-quality materials relevant at all times: chiffon, velvet, satin, silk, satin, lace and others. At the finish go LACE , artificial stones and pearls, beads and bugle beads, sequins and feathers.

Colours of fabrics for evening dresses is limited only by your imagination. Bright colors favored few, but if the color suits your skin and hair, then why not? Popular already at least a century dresses in black, white, beige, light pink and blue colors. Special chic – dresses gold or silver colors of shimmering fabric. Red dress on the floor thanks to Valentino Garavani has become a kind of classic for girls who used to be in the spotlight.

Kinds of evening dresses

Evening dresses in the Greek style

Evening dress in Greek style originated from ancient Greece women’s clothing. Greek dress made ​​of light, flowing materials with drapes that fall down on the figure vertically. Greek dress on a plan should look like a piece of expensive silk fabric, which have thrown carelessly over his shoulder. This dress is extremely beneficial for problematic TYPES OF FIGURES : it visually lengthens hides minor irregularities figures and completeness.

Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez DKNYDKNY

Evening dress in Empire style, or imperial style

A characteristic feature of the dresses in the Empire style – inflated waistline, which raises and nicely emphasizes the chest. Below-waist dress with a trapezoid shape expanding skirt. Waistline often decorated with embroidery or belt.

Empire-style dress can have both long and short sleeves, neckline is usually V-shaped or square. This style dress is advantageous if you want to hide a small tummy and fullness in the hips, visually increase growth and at the same time beautifully submit chest and neck.

Evening dresses in the Empire style are so named because they came into vogue during the Napoleonic era; they feel the influence of Roman and Greek dresses. Mistress of Napoleon, Josephine wore just such outfits, and that it made them extremely fashionable in his era.

Rachel Pally (dress can be purchased at Pally (dress can be purchased at Little MistressLittle Mistress

Dress in the style of “Mermaid”

Dress “Mermaid” is a fitting style, and a skirt below the knee extended, reminding mermaid tail.

This style established in vogue 30s. This dress fits tall girl with a figure close to the ideal, because it draws a statutory body shape and due to the lower skirt reduces the growth, making the figure more squat and volume than it actually is.

ZAC Zac PosenZAC Zac Posen TheiaTheia

Dress in linen style

Clothesline style evening gowns used in several ways. Dress can contain elements of underwear such as laceCORSET lacing, which is sutured in place the top of clothing, like dancers “Moulin Rouge.” Another option involves tissue transparency and smooth silhouette that allows you to see the naked body through the thin fabric of her dress. This dress combination, you can see on the red carpet – it is extremely lightweight and fashionable option sexy evening dress for any girl.

Nili LotanNili Lotan Prabal GurungPrabal Gurung

Evening dress in nude

The same seductive, like dress in linen style evening dress nude intended to create the effect of a naked body, where it is actually covered. For these tricks designers use fabric color or transparent insertion of mesh materials.Shiny embroidery threads, sequins and stones on transparent fabric creates the impression as if all this beauty applied directly to the skin like a temporary tattoo. To look cute in a dress in nude BEIGE COLOR , do not even need to crop because it is so looks like an extension of your body.

Notte by MarchesaNotte by Marchesa Miss SelfridgeMiss Selfridge

Evening dress kimono

Kimono – a rare example in the history of fashion, when traditional clothes virtually unchanged used as a fashionable product. Classic version kimono has a length almost to the floor, flaring sleeves and flounces oblique buckle belt with the color of the dress. Modern variations of kimono dresses have high slits and plunging necklines, which makes this a very sexy outfit chaste.

GivenchyGivenchy AsosAsos

Evening dress in the style of minimalism

Minimalism style determines the kind of evening dress: it is the most simple in cut, straight silhouette or type case is invisible straps or do without them. The beauty of this dress must give beauty shape of its owner, not overshadow her hair and makeup.

Evening dresses in the style of minimalism must be made ​​of expensive high-quality fabrics to look gorgeous on you. This dress can easily vary according to the hairstyles and ACCESSORIES that you pick up for him.

Nicole MillerNicole Miller Plein SudPlein Sud

Evening dress in vintage style

Vintage style at the peak of popularity, vintage outfits are even Hollywood stars, preferring rare instances of the previous fashion eras. Vintage dress called, if made more than 20 years ago. The most prized vintage dresses that reflect key fashion trends era, like translating a style, material, color and decor that were once popular.

Jenny PackhamJenny Packham Vicky Tiel Couture VintageVicky Tiel Couture Vintage

Ball Evening Dress

Party dresses procured for special occasions. They are always made of expensive materials by using a large number of decorative elements. A characteristic feature is a massive ball gown and a lush bottom skirt in several layers or hooped. Top can be anything, but usually it is a corset or top with an open back or bare shoulders.

Phase EightPhase Eight Aidan MattoxAidan Mattox

Strapless evening dress

This group includes a wide range dresses with one common feature – the lack of straps supporting bodice. This style is very popular among the evening and COCKTAIL DRESS . Open neck and shoulders accentuate the beauty of women and offer tremendous opportunities for jewelry. You can always add a luxurious necklace or bolero.

Black Halo (dress can be purchased at Halo (dress can be purchased at Mason by Michelle Mason Mason by Michelle Mason

Evening dress for formal events

We can not say that all these evening dresses are equally versatile. For example, in a corporate organization or a major holiday for the official reception at the embassy should not wear linen dress in the style of dress or nude. For events with a strict DRESS CODE has its own laws choice of evening attire. Requires monotonous semiadherent dress explicit cutouts or cuts. You can throw over a dress or jacket stole. Jewellery is not necessary to put the whole kit and in pairs: earrings, bracelet or necklace and ring.

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