Recommendations master of nail care and skin of the hands

1.  To the nails did not break, you must buy at the vitamin E and vitamin A capsules. Packaging of 50 pieces. Do not buy a “two in one”, namely the separate A and E vitamins Take one capsule a day – 10 days of vitamin A, then 10 days of vitamin E. So alternate (yes, vitamins are accepted within 100 days!). Also buy calcium glycerophosphate tablets – taken daily 3-5 tablets regardless of the meal. Treatment is quite long, but the nails are perfect.

2. Information about vitamins: – Vitamin A is necessary for the growth and strengthening of nails (found in liver, butter, greens, tomatoes, carrots). – Vitamin B helps the absorption of protein, essential for the growth of nails (contained in cabbage, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, sprouted wheat grains. – Iodine promotes nail (found in seaweed, spinach) – Silicon is important for the elasticity and firmness of nails (found in vegetables). – Calcium contributes to the hardness of nails (found in dairy products). – Iron is essential for the structure and shape of the nail plate. – Sulfur prevents inflammatory processes, it is important for the formation of the nail (contained in cabbage, onions, cucumber).

3 Manicures recommended to do at least 1 time in 2 weeks.

4 is required to use only high-quality cosmetics, nail polish remover should not contain acetone. Acetone strongly dries the nail plate.

5. For healthy nails is recommended to lubricate them at night nourishing cream.

6 is impossible to nail constantly under a layer of varnish, lacquer, ideally, should be washed at night. Or at least give the rest of the day 2 nails every 5 days.

7.Remove yellowing polish can, brushing them with a piece of lemon. This will not only brighten, but also strengthen the nails.

8. Ingestion of products containing gelatin (jelly, aspic) promotes the growth and strength of nails. Take 1 month, one month course to repeat.

9. Frequent cause of the bundle of nails is the lack of calcium. Calcium should be taken in conjunction with vitamin D in the oil, or it is poorly absorbed. Pharmacies selling organic calcium from shells and chicken shell, it is easily absorbed by the body.

10. Not recommended for nail trays with baking soda.

11. Nourishing cream polish wax-based. Boil an egg to cool. Pull out the yolk, mash it. Add to yolk 4 grams of beeswax, melted in a water bath, and pour peach butter until the mixture reaches a density of ointment. Use ointment every night.

12. Always use when performing work gloves, hands better oil cream or glycerin.

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