To have a relationship happy just need an exchange of opinions between you and improve the habits that are poorly tolerated by others. Therefore, we give the following 10 steps to be happy forever.

1.-Complaints Reviews: In arelationship there are thousands of complaints, however, it is important to have proper communication to address them. Meanwhile, the latter may be offensive to the person concerned; is best done in a constructive manner and providing solutions to prevent further problem.

2.- mode of communication: When ordering things in a more thoughtful manner will help the growth of your relationship . Forget giving orders and opts for a more subtle language. Your partner will thank you, it is easier to do things and produce a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude.

3.- Be specific: In a relationship rodeos do not work. If something bothers them say it directly, but no offense. Remember to make nice comments.

4.- Actualícense: It is important to forget the past and live the present. When new activities will refresh your relationship , which will increase your happiness.

5.- Eliminate the guesswork: In making a judgment on something you’re not sure you can create more problems in your relationship , so if you have questions about any issue directly and bluntly ask about it. Honesty among you is vital to be truly happy.

6.- Forget the negative words: You will make known these phrases: “you never help”, “you always forget to do what I ask” … It is normal when there is an interaction closer in the relationship . Better ask for help directly or remember things with less aggressive words.

7.- Watch your picture: Remember that both have rights to be respected. Reach agreements and explain how important it is for you a situation.

8.- Good mood: Do not let the routine stress or impair the ability to have fun or spend a pleasant time with your partner . Take a few seconds of your time to tell jokes, hugging, or enjoy a movie they both like.

9.- Understanding: Before claiming your partner for being late to the appointment or assume something, listen and analyzes status; threads and prevents use of the time they have left to enjoy it to the fullest.

10.- Agreements: These are basic in a dating relationship, because they can live in harmony, respect the right of others and enjoy great happiness in a relationship needs to express what one feels for the other. This will feed their love and coexistence grow further. They will be satisfied with yourself and your happiness will be at a level of 100%. Remember that to live happily in a relationship , communication is not only the basics, but the trust and openness that exists between you. No longer do the things they like, they just need to adapt their activities in common. And you, do you have a list of happy couple?

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